Thursday, December 29, 2011

This morning is one of the best ever...if I can just get past myself and my inclinations to mess things up!   I say that in all seriousness.  The sun is shining (though I know it is cold out there) and the trees are moving gracefully to the sound of the wind as I see it through my windows.  I've got great music playing through our living room stereo via Pandora...and the children are (ahem - were) being calm and peaceful.  I took the pictures below just a few minutes ago.  This is my coffee table next to me as I sit on the couch with my new Christmas present.  I just popped out the SD card and put it right into my laptop and WhaLah, just like that...nearly Real Time.  I took the Netbook back and got a Notebook for not much more, but still...I already appreciate this laptop already, simply because of the keyboard, speed, and its ability to function. I really wanted a netbook to work out, because of it's lightness & long battery life.  But for the blogging & Etsy listing that I want to do - I now know this device is a better tool.
Now accepting 2011 calendars!

So much potential!

Below:  a friend of mine & her daughter gave this groovy bead stringing kit to Brielle for her birthday.  She loves it of course!  She wants to do what I do...and these are better for her little fingers to string.
Now, back to how *I* get in the way a wonderful bestest morning ever.'s just impossible to go through a morning, afternoon, or evening without some sort of disruption of the peace.  Coffee spills, bad attitudes, laundry, play fights, grumbling tones, dishes, laundry, computer frustrations, trying to find something lost...the list goes on and on.  I can feel it inside of me.  The unsettling pressure that rises when contentment escapes me.  I know it should not be this way.  I feel it is wrong.  And I know why....I'm lacking.  I'm craving closeness to the Source of  Love (which is God), abandonment of my own comfort, and contentment in ALL circumstances.
Because I can appreciate WHAT IS.  I can do that.  It takes effort, but my daily life is not designed to "smile and experience peace" when everything appears to be going great. 
It is designed to be building, growing, experiencing and loving into the child that He created me to be.  And as a's showing that to my children as well. 
I'm actually relieved it doesn't have to *be* perfect to *feel* like it's a wonderful morning!


  1. Funny, D. just got that same bead kit for Christmas. I'll have to let her know Brielle has the same thing :)

  2. How neat! :) Love ya & have been praying for everything involving the great migration ;)