Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Well, I now have a netbook! Yay! Apparently, they are really going out of style (thanks to the new Android tablets) so they are few and far between. Kudos to my sweet husband for locating one! He was really convinced in the Android technology and preferred to get me that...but I'm cheap (ahem! frugal) and practical and I knew the Netbook would be all I need for what I need it to do: which is what I'm doing right now (blogging!) :) I am not a gam-er, app-er, or video stream-er gal. I'm a typer. And a reader. And a blogger. Everything else I like to do can be done by our hard wired PC (thank you GOD for that!). This is perfect. I'm sitting here comfortably typing in the recliner while one son plays our new Xbox Kinect game: Wipeout 2, the other is flying his r/c helicopter in the kitchen, and our daughter is watching "Princess Pop Star" on her new portable DVD player.
We took a family vote and they all wanted to go to Shoney's for breakfast Christmas morning.  So, donning the Santa caps & PJs - off we went!  Unfortunately, Brielle continued to get progressively ill by the second and by the time we got home she was sick :(  She got better progressively all day though too, thank God.  That would have been a sad way to spend the entire Christmas day.
I'm taking a break today. It's Christmas, so I decided I would rest. My Etsy shop did far better than I ever imagined it would this holiday season! This is a VERY good thing! Apparently several people thought, "Well, I would like to buy __________ a present why not buy something hand-made from a friend - where 10% goes to support an Adoption Fund?" (At least I'm thinking that's what they were thinking) I am refraining until Tuesday to start working to replenish my inventory. Almost everything sold (and the three things that still remain are of my "apprentice" line and not my best work yet). I have to wonder the expressions of those opening their gifts today. I hope they liked them at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I'm looking forward to creating more. I hope that it works out that I can sell at the Downtown Market. I always have that in my mind, but I know that God's plans are not my own and I hope that I just follow His plans and not my own ideas of what I'd like to see happen (which never works anyway).
This is a hand sewn bag made by a friend- re purposed from a
pair of her shorts that she made for me to hold a
gift.  She thinks the bag was just for fun, but I think
it totally makes a great bike handlebar accessory!

Praying that the New Year looks bright and beautiful for all of my friends & loved ones.

What do you think?  And how did you spend your Christmas day???


  1. We gave some necklaces from your shop to others for Christmas and they all loved them and were amazed that the beads were handmade! Thanks for such beautiful products!
    Christmas for us was spending the day with my Mother-in-law. Hanging with her friends, taking her to a movie, and setting up her new computer!

  2. Thanks for letting me know! How wonderful!
    What movie did you go see?

  3. The Tintin movie. We were going to watch Warhorse, but someone told us you can't come out of that one without crying so Tim's mom decided it may not be the best one to see on christmas.

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