Monday, January 16, 2012

Can I make that?

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby (my favorite craft store) I was browsing through the isles of some discounted Christmas decorations to get some cool ideas.

Now, I love going to craft fairs and markets where I usually have the thoughts: "How do they make that?" "Could I make that?" or "Impressive. I could not make that. What a talent/gift/ability they have."

But at Hobby Lobby my thoughts are generally, "I could never make that." I don't wonder who made it (Made in China) or how it was made (a factory?) or how it arrived at my local Hobby Lobby store, but I guess I'm starting to think about it. I can almost guarantee that while I may truly like the finished product, I could not recreate something to look as professionally machine-manipulated as it does.

Handcrafted artwork is naturally going to be original. It's going to be a little off or "imperfect" and that is what makes it so beautiful. Moreover, I cannot create something by hand and sell it for the same rate as mechanically made mass-produced items sold at Hobby Lobby or any other large retailer.

So, I've decided to release myself from the burden of making an item that could be sold at a local large retailer. I still buy supplies from Hobby Lobby, but I'm certainly considering the impact of purchasing finished crafts, decorations, and home items from large retailers. I'm looking into and local markets and stores that might know where their items came from, or better yet - the supplies to make them. Or even better - the person who handcrafted the piece.

If I can't make that - then what I am going to make will be original, unique, and hand crafted with all of the creativity God has given me.

And then ultimately... the customer will be able to choose where and how to spend their $15.

A slightly clean and workable space!
My "packaging" station

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