Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holiday!

Well, I had all the good intentions. I did. But I really didn't think it was worth it to feel stressed out to complete my ideal "goals." Kinda sucks the holiday joy right out from under ya. So, I just had to release my good intentions because time & space would not allow for everything. Today, I should have been done wrapping gifts and on my way to Baking, Baking, Baking. Packaging little goodie treats tied with a ribbon and decorated with hand-picked painted pine cones - to hang on my neighbors' doorknobs.
Probably not happening today.
I really wanted to take my teens (via the city bus) to the mall. Not to shop. (Good grief, no!) But for other reasons I can't explain. Reasons that make sense to me.
It's 8:21am and no one has stirred yet. We were up late last night at the basketball game.
The toasted pecans.
Maybe I can get home in time to toast the pecans.
That would be something.
I haven't wrapped a single present to place under the tree.
Jump for JOY!
Enjoy the Holiday Season!

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