Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am super excited to be vending this Friday Night at my very first ever Jammin' in the Alley/Downtown Night Market!!!  My husband and I have been there for a "date night" before, but this is the first time as a vendor. Most of the vendors have said they generate more interest and sales on Saturday mornings of course, but I'm just going to give it a try for the fun of it.  If nothing else, there is a band called Yesterday! playing and I am hoping they might be a Beatles Tribute Band? 

So....the Market is going WELL!!!  If you are one of those nice people who have picked up one of my cards and have come to my website to see what's going on (or even if you are a regular follower) here's the jest:
I am at the Clarksville Downtown Market *most* Saturday mornings 8am-1pm.  I sell Homemade Laundry Soap (64oz bottles) for $3.00 a bottle and $2.50 if you return a previous jug.  I'm already getting return customers and I'm super excited!  The laundry soap is great and we use it solely and love it.  I also sale Homemade Play dough for $2.00 a bag.  This too is great! (I would only sell something our family loved and used regularly, if that helps.)  It doesn't dry out easily and is made of non-harmful ingredients.  I had requests to make scented play doughs, so I tried it, and people either loved it (and bought it) or said their kids would eat it, it smelled so good!  Ha!  Okay, so I'm not going to make scented for awhile and see if I get any more requests for it.
Last, and my favorite is:  I personally hand roll all of my beads out of recycled papers (I generally use calendars-- to give away my secret).  Then I make them into necklaces, earrings, or wrap bracelets.  The earrings fly off the table.  I most likely will have to raise my price because I cannot keep up with the demand for them.  The braided-tie necklaces that double as wrap bracelets are close behind.  I sell those for $7.  I had a customer from Canada last Saturday (who sells bar soap at the market there) tell me that those same necklaces would sell for $25 at a Canadian Market!  I said, "what?? Is that because of the currency exchange difference?"  She said, "no, no, no.  The dollar value is the same there.  It's just that in Canada there is already and appreciation and awareness of hand crafted items.  And people there want unique." 

I think that the customers who frequent the Downtown Market already hold this view also... OR they soon will. :)

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