Thursday, August 23, 2012

Community Garden Harvest

Here I am raking off the dry grass from the garden
Here we are starting the whole process.  Phil got the LAND and tilled up the garden.

 I was already babysitting Miles this day so I just kept him in Brielle's former sling (lovingly made to fit me perfectly) and he was happy.

This garden is where the tomatoes & squash will be planted.  The lower garden contained the corn.

Planting Seeds!

 I don't have any pictures of the tomatoes growing...but we went back and weeded them a couple of times and they grew (despite the drought) and so did the corn.  We harvested corn first.  I was working at the Downtown Market, so I missed the picking & shucking of the corn but here are their pics:

 Then we all gathered at the Catchims' to clean, bag, & freeze the corn.  FUN, sticky, & an all around good time!

Two weeks later, after taking turns picking tomatoes and delivering them to the Catchims' house, we met back there again to can the tomatoes!

We divided everything equally.

And that is communal gardening!

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