Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seeing Fall

A few weeks ago at L&N Train Station
It's beautiful outside.  I love this time of year...maybe because I know that it's such a short season- the leaves turn such beautiful colors then fall.  Happens every year.  This is our first year watching the seasons change while using public transportation...and let me tell you it has been eye-opening!  The colors are amazing, just to ride and watch the view, I love it!  This year I've noticed more flowers than I've ever noticed before.  I had no idea how bright Fall flowers can be!  So many people have them in their yards - and there are a lot of wildflowers in the Fall - bright and glorious!  I've been showing Brielle on our bus journeys and she is paying more attention  too.  We ooooh  and aaaaah over the leaves that are actually's like poetry in use my favorite description.
Now there are a lot of reasons I like to take public transportation.  But I never cease to be surprised at the new ones!  Yesterday, we were taking the bus home, and a blind man (with his seeing-eye-dog) boarded the bus.  He didn't even know for sure if he was getting on the right bus, but turned out not to matter which one he got on, because they'd all eventually go to the Transit Center, where he'd be getting on the bus he would need to get to the opposite side of town.  I calculated it would take him at least ninety minutes to get there from that point.  Wow.  He felt all around him, so as not to sit on someone or something, I'm sure.  Then he sat down, the dog laid down, and Brielle started asking questions about why a dog would be allowed on the bus.  Seemed like a great opportunity to explain to her about the uniqueness of this guy and his dog. 
When her curiosity settled, I began to relax and look out at the scenery, and back to this man, who was clearly in his fifties, with long gray hair pulled back with a band, hat on, weather-tanned skin, rough face, and seemingly content in his blind world.  He would occasionally reach down and make sure the dog was out of the way of the isle.  Once he put his wrist to his ear to "hear" the time (I assumed).  But mostly he just sat there and looked straight forward, like a blind person probably would, listening to all of the sounds around him. 
I thought to myself two main things:
1) Wow, do we take so much for granted.
2) I bet he has a load of wisdom to share and stories to tell.
I looked around at the Fall colors and much do I take for granted Every. Single. Day?
How could it be different?  How could we live fully engaged and thankful- Truly Thankful- for each moment and gift?
Ironically, observing the blind guy --- helped me to see.

Tyler on an Exploration at Rotary Park last month

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