Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Arksansas Oasis

Amazed that we were alone in this absolutely gorgeous place!
A wonderful view

Will was fishing while I was sitting on a large white boulder-rock stringing beads

Beautiful Sunset

Lake Norfork Sunset

Clear waters: one of the best things about Arkansas
Jordan bluffs all to ourselves


Our view to enjoy on our Oasis to ourselves
Our 16th Anniversary. 
Headed to Mtn. Home, AR to enjoy the beautiful area and let our children spend some time with their grandparents.
After researching Resorts and Cabins that we could stay in to get away for a night or two - we realized that the weather predictions were amazing.  So, we loaded up some of our camping gear and borrowed the rest from my parents. 
We headed out to Jordan, Arkansas, which we knew was closed for the season.  However, people can apparently camp there for free during closed season, though the water & electric are turned off.  Fortunately for us the toilets still had running water.  But that wasn't the best part.  The weather was AWESOME!  The views were amazing.  The solitude and quiet was beyond imaginable. 
During the summertime (I've been there a few times) the place is hopping with families: fishing, swimming, vacationing, partying, etc...  So, the grounds, trails, and bluffs were well worn... but we had it all to ourselves.  It felt like the best gift ever - and it was free!  I think we stayed in awe and amazement the entire two days & one night we were there.   LOVE!

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