Friday, October 14, 2011

Mountain View, Arkansas

I began Unearthed Roots for two main reasons:  to share with you my roots and to allow you to follow along in the journey I am taking to discover them.  My roots, meaning both my earthly ones and my heavenly ones...most often entertwining.  My love of creating is definetly in my roots, so that is the more dominant theme here usually (probably stronger on my mom's side).  There are also things I know come from God alone (like my love of writing, for example). 
Now, my dad's side of the family has roots that go way back and deep into the Arkansas hills.  I grew up listening to music being played by groups of family members.  I recall sitting on the floor many times as a child while they picked, fiddled, and sang away.  My favorite memory is when my Grandma cut the floor right there in her living room to the sounds of their playing.  She only did it once that I saw.  Most often everyone simply listened, appreciated & enjoyed the entertainment.  Growing up at the feet of those doing what they loved, in the foothills of the Ozarks, is a part of my heritage.  That's why you'll see in this post why I fell in love with this town and how it accomadates those wanting to share their gifts:

In a quaint little town right on the outskirts of the Ozark National Forest we encountered some of the most talented musicians I've ever heard!  
Gathering on the porches


I grew up only 35 something miles from Mtn. View (in Mountain Home) but I'd only been there a few times.  And never for a "pickin" night.  I'd have never appreciated it like I did last Saturday night.

In the distance you will see "the Mountain" which is long a wide.  You can tell where you are at in town by looking at it!
Dreaming:  Wouldn't it be fun to own (and repaint) this quaint Bed & Breakfast?
 It is TRUE wholesome country goodness.  Groups of musicians come from around the area and set up wherever they can (sometimes it's on the edge of a parking lot) and play their music.  Listeners can set their chairs up to listen or just walk around.  I noticed that a lot of people moved their chairs around to different music stations to hear a variety.  Sometimes the musicians rotated.  There were dulcimers being played and other varieties of musical instruments that you don't usually see.
Lining up the streets

I wish that everyone had a chance to experience the atmosphere and talent in Mountain View, AR!  You might be  surprised at how enjoyable it would absolutely be! 

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