Friday, September 7, 2012

Thanks for Stopping by.

I am one of those people who don't really mind door-to-door evangelism- and if I have the time, I will talk.  It helps me to remember what I believe when I share it with someone else and sometimes they are just the easiest.  I mean, they are standing right at my door reading verses from the Bible to me, so why not?  And I usually get the chance because they generally say something I don't get.

Today, for instance.  Two well-dressed men show up, one in his 60's, the other in his early 30's?  I am guessing the younger is interning to see what's done to carry on the ministry, because he says nothing.  Ever.  Older guy begins with there being "good people" and "bad people" in the world.  <<<<<Hault>>>>>>>  I mean we all have made "bad" choices right?  Does that make us "bad people?"  It's a choice, right?  Clearly, I was not hearing him correctly.  "Well, yes," he said, "it's true.  But there are really BAD PEOPLE in the world."  Wow.  Enlightening. Not.
I won't bore you with the ongoing semi-debate that we had, but I will tell you my conclusion:  I am not going to say I am in with "you"-- "you good people" just because I am a Jesus-Loving Christian.  I have evil tendencies and thoughts that sometimes I act upon (ugh!) and sometimes I have to reign in and release to God Every. Single. Day!  And some days are harder than others.  And in my early twenties it felt darn near impossible!!
I don't think I'm the "bad people" either.  But I am NO BETTER than the lady sitting in prison because she made the choice to steal: food, alcohol, cigarettes, food stamps, whatever.  We are both in need of the SAME Grace.  The grace that One Man, One God gave for us all (equally to us all) on the Cross to save us from this mess (that we call sin).  And I need it more than one amazing time, more than daily...more like moment by moment.  Just because she acted on a certain temptation (that others may deem horrific) or didn't have direction or encouragement in her in her LIFE does not mean she's "bad."  C'mon man!   Don't show up at my house telling me this or expecting me to choose a SIDE.  I won't hear it and I won't choose.

It's confusing.
I am generally a nice person.
Yet, there is an evil that wants its way with me. 
I have a Power within me that has already won the victory over this evil.
And I am amazing. 
Yet, I am low like the dust of the earth.
I live and walk and breathe because of God's great Love.
But, I forget this far too often and act in my own way.
I need His Grace desperately.

It can be confusing.  But it is so worth pondering and living- within the beautiful balance.  Because there is SO much more than we can ever understand about it all.  That's what makes it such a glorious mystery!  Grace.  Love.  Victory.

And so I'm sorry (no I'm not) but sides only separate and PULL us further from the truth that God created each one of us and wants every one of us as His own.

Everyone gets to choose 
It's so freakin' Amazing: this LOVE -- our C H O I C E.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks! Very true!

  2. Just this morning I was thinking about some of my mess-ups and feeling so thankful for God's love and grace. It is definitely amazing! So glad He loves us all the same!!

  3. I really appreciate the comments and feedback, knowing that God used this experience for His purposes is very encouraging to me!