Monday, June 4, 2012

How went the Market:

I had a few people tell me they looked for me at the Market this past Saturday, and unfortunately I was not there.  I only have certain dates I am permitted to sell, so to make it easier I'll keep them posted at the top of this blog throughout the summer, but they are:  May 26th, June 9th, June 30th, July 7th, July 28th, August 4th, August 18th, August 25th, September 1st, September 15th, September 29th, October 13th, October 20th
My first time selling there was wonderful!  I really loved the customers and I guess that I hadn't considered that part much.  But being out there, hearing them talk, seeing their interest in my hand crafted was so inspiring and encouraging!  They also had great tips and advice and they really helped me know what styles, colors, and designs to create more of as far as the jewelry was concerned.  
A few people asked if the play-dough was scented and I was listening!  I have made four varieties of scented play-dough that I am excited to share this upcoming Saturday!  
The laundry soap was a big hit too.  I brought 10 and came home with 3.  I believe in it and feel that when customers try it they will like it as much as we do, and come back for more (hopefully bringing the container to recycle and save .50!).  
Also, the other vendors were wonderful!  They were so supportive and friendly, it was a very vibrant atmosphere.  I really enjoyed myself.  If you haven't been to the market yet, you should really check it out, there are some great booths full of neat and useful items!  And of course, I personally hope to see you there!!! 

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