Thursday, April 12, 2012

Five short years

Many times I've heard people say, "If you would have told me __ years ago that I would be doing _________ I never would have believed you." I easily can say that of my life just five short years ago. I would not have believed it if someone had said to me:

1. You will have a four year old daughter.

2. You will have a daughter.

3. You will have labored at home, birthed in your SUV, nursed her till she was nearly three, carried her in sling nearly everywhere, and used cloth diapers!

4. You will not have a bachelors degree.

5. You will embrace a life as a wife, mom, homemaker, and afternoon baby care provider.

6. You will bake your own bread.

7. You will grow your own garden.

8. You will make your own laundry soap.

9. You will enjoy jogging.

10. You will play on a Co-Ed softball team with your husband.

11. You will take Public Transportation and advocate for it.

12. You will bike or walk to the stores you have always driven to --from the same house you've been living in (when you can).

13. You will have a blog. Yes, that blog you always tried not to have.

14. You will actually be somewhat involved in your teens' lives.

15. You will join a Moms' group and be an active part of it for four years.

16. Your deeply knitted church family will shift, people will move, and it will alter and restructure almost completely.

17.  YOU will change a lot in five short years.


  1. And what about you? I would love to year how you thought your life would look five years ago and how it looks now! What are some things you are doing that you never guessed you'd be doing five years ago?

  2. This is funny to think about and I actually had some of the same thoughts not long ago. Basically, I would have thought I was little weird if 5 years ago I were to see myself now. :P I'm now addicted to gardening, canning food, composting, recycling. I now make my own bread, granola bars, shampoo, cleaning supplies, and such. I now am not only aware about what I consume and where it comes from, but am becoming a bit fanatical about it. And these things really only concern one area of my life! Wow! Yep...a lot can change in 5 years and I'm praying for more and better changes in the next 5!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share and reflect on all of that Tiff! Isn't it funny to look back only a short five years ago and admit there are things we care about now that we did not then and that seems to view ourselves as very different. I don't think you'd think you were "weird." You'd just be in a bit of awe about your future self. I wonder if the next five years will be as radical or not????

  4. Lol...yeah, maybe weird is an exaggeration. You've had a pretty radical last 5 years for sure! I'm hoping for a radical next 5 assuming they are good! Not sure they will be easy, but definitely hoping for positive changes. :)