Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adoption ~perspective~

If you are on Facebook then you may have been able to follow updates to the Rathes' Adoption Blog: It has been an incredible experience to be a part of, even just from my perspective of being a supportive friend. They have been friends of ours for almost seven years now.
When the Rathes (Grant & Amanda) first began fundraising for their adoption it was amazing to humbly realize the height of the funds that they were attempting to reach - because adoption (whether domestically or internationally) is so costly. I wanted to help them out - and since I'd just launched my Etsy Store, it seemed the best way was for me to donate 10% of all earnings to their Adoption Fund. I also sold Adoption Bracelets for $5 ($2 of that going to them). Some people actually just gave me more money for regular purchases and said, "just give the excess to the Rathes' fund." I was so amazed that during such a short time (three months?) that I was able to give them $102.40! People are so generous. People who didn't even know them would donate (sometimes a lot). It amazed me because we were all believing in something that we could not see. We had no idea how everything would eventually turn out. 
And now here they are - only a few months later - with little Miles comfortably and happily in his forever home and with his Mom & Dad who love him entirely and completely.
It was a beautiful, beautiful experience to witness. To be a small part of. To hold him and know God's plans are perfect. I love it! I am able to keep him for a few weekday afternoons in the overlap of their work schedules and my heart is full of joy for it! God is so good.

That being said, my sweet sweet friend from MOPS, Mandy Avery, and her husband Terrence are currently fundraising for their Adoption. You can check out what they are doing here:   And since 10% of proceeds from my Etsy shop (and outside sales) were already in the habit of going to adoption funds, I've decided to give that 10% now to the Avery family.
Praise God for adopting us into His family!  Praise Him for faithfully providing couples with the means to adopt His children into their families also!


  1. Simply saying- Bless your heart!

  2. It's great that you are using your talent (and business) to bless those who are adopting!

  3. I feel like 10% is so minimal, but I am grateful being able to put it toward their efforts.

  4. What a wonderful gift! What a thoughtful blessing! :) You're a special friend, indeed.