Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Etsy Store is Officially Opened!

It's Official!  I opened an Etsy Store!  I've been encouraged for years by my sweet friends & family to actually open up a shop online and sell my wares, so here goes!   So far I just have necklaces (which can also be worn as bracelets or anklets) but I look forward to getting bookmarks & coasters up in time for Christmas shopping.  I can also make lanyards for glasses or IDs as well.

If you are new to Etsy, please check it out!  It is a place where moms can go to sell their handmade or vintage goods!  I'm excited to be a part of such community and I hope that you will browse through and check it out!  It is a GREAT thing to buy Handmade!
Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me.  I know one of my desires is to create...whether by words, with my imagination, baking desserts or breads, or making handmade crafts.  I don't care if I sell anything, but I'll always keep creating because I love it, and if it brings joy and inspiration to others to view it, hold it, wear it, eat it, or read it...then I know God has used my gifts & passions for His glory.  May He be praised in all we do.


  1. Very creative. I do have a question...since they are made from paper are they waterproof? I ask because I normally do not take jewelry on/off to wash dishes, shower, etc.

  2. Thanks Beth! They are not waterproof, only water-resistent. I have been wearing the same bracelet washing dishes for a month and it seems to be unaltered, but I would not get into the shower or submerge the beads in water. The outside is painted with sealant and water resistant, the inside of the bead (reachable by water submerging) would indeed break down wet. Good question!